Gonzales home-grown band to perform Saturday


Prohibited will be giving a free performance Saturday, June 29 starting at 8 p.m. at the O Taste & See Bakery and Coffee Shop, 605 E. Sarah DeWitt Drive. Come on over, check them out and support your local Gonzales home-grown rock band!

Prohibited is the name of the alternative rock band started here in Gonzales by Jace Rodriguez. Fellow band members include Daniel Delabarreda on backup vocals and percussion, Luciano Sirilo (Sonny) on the bass guitar, and Frankie Diaz on the lead guitar. Jace plays the electric guitar and handles the vocals.

Jace, who formed the band, got his musical start in sixth grade band at Gonzales Junior High School. He ended his school career in music as the drum major of Gonzales High School for the 2023-2024 school year. Before he said goodbye to music through the school system, Jace started his band in his parents’ living room (as opposed to the garage) at the age of 15 with his friend Hector, who is not currently a member.

Jace said he listened to rock for its authentic sound, and of any music genre, he connected to it the most. His music is heavily influenced by rock groups such as Nirvana, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam.

Prohibited has been established as a band since 2021. They have entertained audiences in numerous venues in Gonzales, including GG’s, the American Legion, and the Main Street Music Concert Series. They have played at JR’s Lounge in Seguin; in several venues in San Antonio, including Rock Box and Pink Zephlin; and at the Indianola Fishing Marina in Port LaVaca.

Prohibited has numerous single releases and are getting ready to release their first album this summer. They are signed under Red Room Records and their music is available through streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora.