Gonzales track finishes strong in district meet


The Gonzales Apaches and Lady Apaches track teams traveled to Cuero for the district track meet Wednesday, April 3.

The Apaches finished fourth with 95 points and the Lady Apaches finished second with 177 points.

Several Gonzales athletes took district titles in their respective events and clinched a spot in the area meet: Jayda Glass, Ckristopher Ramos, Davonte Smith, Tiana Smith, Macy Sample, Malory Clack, and Jermaine Upshaw.

Travis Malveaux, Alaina Valle, Kilee Schwausch, Damion Hunt, David Clack, Kaylyn Gonzales, Jordyn Gonzales, Youahi Huerta, Malaiyah Mayo, Kaylie Ramirez, Yaritza Angel Macey Pena, Rocky Gallegos, and Hailey Camarillo all finished in the top four in their respective events and are heading to area meet in Canyon Lake High School Wednesday, April 10.


110 meter dash:

Apaches: Travis Malveaux (fifth place)

100 meter dash:

Apaches: Davonte Smith (first place, district champion)

Lady Apaches: Tianna Smith (second place, district runner-up)

200 meter dash:

Apaches: David Clack (fifth place)

Lady Apaches: T. Smith (second place, district runner-up)

400 meter dash:

Lady Apaches: Jayda Glass (first place, district champion)

800 meter run:

Apaches: Erinque Reyna (seventh place), Youahi Huerta (ninth place) and Kevin Reyna (10th place)

Lady Apaches: Kilee Schwausch (second place, district runner-up), J. Gonzales (third place) and Kaitlynn Griffin (ninth place)

1600 meter run:

Apaches: Y. Huerta (third place) and Ckristopher Ramos (fourth place)

Lady Apaches: Jordyn Gonzales (third place), Yaritza Angel (fourth place), and Kaitlynn Griffin (11th place).

3200 meter run:

Apaches: C. Ramos (first place, district champion) and Y. Huerta (second place, district runner-up)

Lady Apaches: Jordyn Gonzales (fourth place) and Yaritza Angel (ninth place)

100 meter hurdles:

Lady Apaches: Macey Pena (second place, district runner-up), Hailey Camarillo (fourth place) and Aubrey Lindemann (sixth place)

300 meter hurdles:

Apaches: T. Malveaux (second place, district runner-up)

Lady Apaches: A. Valle (fourth place), A. Lindermann (fifth place) and H. Camarillo (sixth place)

4x100 relay:

Lady Apaches: Kaylyn Gonzales, Jayda Glass, Macey Pena, and Tiana Smith (second place, district runner-up)

4x200 relay:

Apaches: D. Smith, D. Clack, Rocky Gallegos, Damion Hunt (third place)

Lady Apaches: Malaiyah Mayo, Kaylie Ramirez, M. Pena, and Alaina Valle (third place)

4x400 relay:

Apaches: D. Clack, River VanKirk, D. Hunt and March Izaguirre (fifth place)

Lady Apaches: Kaylie Ramirez, Kaylyn Gonzales, K. Schwausch and A. Lindemann (second place)

Long jump:

Apaches: D. Clack (11th place), Tavarus Ornales (15th place) and Daevien Pitts (16th place)

Lady Apaches: T. Smith (fourth place), A. Valle (ninth place) and M. Pena (13th place)

Shot put:

Apaches: Dylan Hunt (third place), Jermaine Upshaw (sixth place) and Rafael Rodriguez (seventh place)

Lady Apaches: Malory Clack (first place, district champion), Macy Sample (second place, district runner-up) and Serenity Smith (seventh place)


Apaches: J. Upshaw (first place, district champion), Omar Borjon (fifth place) and Dylan Hunt (sixth place)

Lady Apaches: M. Sample (first place, district champion), S. Smith (second place, district runner-up) and M. Clack (third place)

Triple jump:

Apaches: Rocky Gallegos (third place) and T. Malveaux (fifth place)

Lady Apaches: T. Smith (first place, district champion) and J. Glass (seventh place)

Pole Vault:

Apaches: R. VanKirk (sixth place)

Lady Apaches: H. Camarillo (sixth place)