Lady Apaches sweep Lehman and Luling in tri-match


The Gonzales Lady Apaches varsity volleyball got a double sweep wins in their home tri-match Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Gonzales knocked out the Lehman Lady Lobos and the Luling Lady Eagles in a double sweep. The Lady Apaches struggled to get going in their first match against Lehman, but manage to get all the miscues straighten out.

“We did have some issues with some communication but we always come out into that first game playing a little timid and it comes down to it honestly trusting your teammate.” head volleyball coach Erin Miller said.

This year Miller notice each player is capable to step up in games and making the plays the team needs.

“It's just finding that grew finding that momentum and rhythm that okay, we can all play really good volleyball. Let's try and make this mesh.” Miller said.

Krystin Baker and Macy Sample record multiple kills in both games, and they both commented on the contributions they made in the games.

“It feels good and with the help with the setter I was able to get those good kills that I have and of course the good passes too.” Baker said.

Sample said there were a lot games that her team was off, and the wins against Lehman and Luling helped boost their confidence and get the job done.

The Lady Apaches continue their season on the road as they travel Cuero for their last tournament of the season.

Miller hopes the win in the tri-match gives her team motivation heading into the Cuero Tournament.

“Definitely some major motivation coming from it and confidence too.” Miller said “That was one thing that we've been working on this season and wins like that helps up gain that confidence to go into that next game to trust in your teammates and that we can take care of business this year.”

The Lady Apaches travel to Cuero tomorrow for their last tournament of the season. They have two home games against Edna (Tuesday, Aug. 30) and Ganado (Friday, Sept. 2) next week.


Gonzales def. Lehman (29-27; 26-24; 25-16)

Gonzales def. Luling (25-22; 25-17; 25-11)