Stationed in the ‘Crow’s nest’ of Gonzales

Newest city manager settles into full-time position at City Hall


As the year draws to a close, the city of Gonzales now has a familiar face holding down the post as the chief administrative officer for the city.

Gonzales Police Chief and interim City Manager Tim Crow saw his interim label removed at the Thursday, Dec. 15 Gonzales City Council meeting, when the council voted to hire Crow as the full-time city manager over two other finalists. He succeeds Tim Patek, who took a similar position in Wimberley in October.

Crow has been serving Gonzales for more than 25 years, including 19 years as the city’s police chief, and he is excited to beginning a new chapter in the town he is proud of serving. 

“I've spent the past 25 years serving here at the city and look forward to many more years serving as the city manager of the city of Gonzales and taking the lead on making improvements and providing a good positive service for our community,” Crow said.

Crow hopes that his intimate knowledge of the town will bring something to the table for Gonzales, unlike some previous city managers who came from outside the community.

Crow also said he hopes his background in law enforcement will bring value to the citizens of Gonzales when it comes to working on solutions to problems. 

“I feel like I have a knowledge of the community and knowledge of the culture of the community. I have a knowledge of the workforce for the city of Gonzales, and an ability to lead them to a positive, strong service for our community,” Crow said. 

Crow has a lot of passion for this community and he said he has become part of the “fabric of this community” since he first arrived in Gonzales. He added it has been an honor to not only be the police chief, but now as the city manager of the community where the first shot of the Texas Revolutionary occurred.

As the new city manager, Crow has plans for what he wishes to accomplish and he said he wants see the community become a cleaner place to live and to “establish a sense of pride” for everyone living in the city of Gonzales. 

“We have a place where people want to come visit and tour and maybe even bring their businesses to help Gonzales grow in a positive way,” Crow said.

Crow said assistant chief Gayle Autry is currently in charge of operations at the Gonzales Police Department, adding he and the council will work to name a full-time police chief in the near future.