Keith Steen Glass


On April 11, 2024, Keith Steen Glass at age 53, surrounded by his adoring family, pushed away his wheelchair and ran gloriously into the arms of Jesus and into his eternal home.

Keith was born on October 5, 1970, to Roy Donald Glass and Robbie Lou Hinton Glass. Keith completed the Glass family and instantly became the apple of his parents, his brother, and his sister’s eye. As a child, Keith enjoyed all the outdoor activities he could stand. He enjoyed riding horses, fishing, hunting, playing ball, and spending time with his family.

Keith was especially fond of his big sister. He insisted on sleeping with her every single night, and she didn’t mind it one bit. She and him enjoyed so much quality time together making mud pies, riding bikes, running across the pasture to their grandparents, and horseback riding all the trails in the pasture and to the family river bottom.

Keith and his brother shared many memories of hunting on the family land together, and no matter the age difference Keith tagged along behind him. Keith was affectionate towards every dog he owned and took them with him everywhere he went. He was a child who you would always see smiling from ear to ear and had a contagious zest for life.

In his teenage years, he enjoyed blaring rock and roll music and driving his big fancy trucks, and he passed that love onto his nieces and nephews. Keith was also an exceptional friend who proved this with his actions. Keith was dependable, reliable, and an all in type of friend. As a teenage boy, he would even get up extra early to give his friends a ride to school if they needed him to.

He was the type of friend you wanted to take on every adventure with you, because he was always well-organized and thought through everything they would need. There was no questions asked when any of his friends needed him, he would be there quickly and give 110% of his effort.

After graduating from Gonzales High School in 1989, Keith tried out college but quickly realized the family business was his choice way of life. He took great pride in working the family farm alongside his dad and brother. Keith was his Dad’s righthand man. Wherever you saw one, you would see the other. Keith spent each day with his family. Whether it was working in the chicken houses, checking cows, feeding, cutting and baling hay, working cattle, or fixing all of the broke equipment, Keith and his dad tackled the day together. Every day, his dad and him raced each other inside to see what was cooked for lunch made by his mother. Keith was keen in taking things apart and putting it back together and always had the best ideas of how to fix anything. He had a real knack for making anything work. He truly was a jack of all trades.

Keith enjoyed to work hard, but he certainly knew how to enjoy all the fun things in life too. Keith was a lover of all things outdoors. He particularly enjoyed basketball, hunting, fishing, and skiing. Being the avid outdoor sportsman, he was always up to something. Keith loved to fish, and it didn’t matter if it was at the coast or at the tank. Most of his catches came back cleaned and his Mom would fry it up for him, his dad, and brother. Hunting was also one of Keith’s favorite past times. He took many trips to New Mexico and Colorado, but he found the most fun hunting was with his bow here on the family land. Keith was blessed with natural talents that allowed him to master anything that interested him. If he put his mind to something, he would stop at nothing to achieve it. And, if you knew Keith at all, you know he was the most devoted Cowboys and Spurs fan. He was a season ticket holder as well as collector of his choice team members’ jerseys.

Keith passed on his passions and talents onto his two adoring children, Kameron and Taylor, who treasure the many adventures they had with him over the years. They enjoyed many wonderful family and friend trips to the coast and to the mountains to ski. All the adventures aside, it was in his daily love, support, and dedication to his children that set him apart as a father. Keith was a devoted, hands-on dad who loved his children beyond measure. Keith taught them everything they needed to know about every sport. Whether it was baseball, football, hunting, fishing, or skiing, Keith continually poured his knowledge and time into coaching them and practicing with his children every day. He was an enthusiast when it came to coaching Kameron and Taylor’s sports teams, so much so that he treated each game like it was the Superbowl, and Keith was definitely their number one fan. He didn’t miss out on any moment with his precious children.

On March 10, 2012, Keith’s world changed drastically. Keith’s parents and siblings selflessly found a new normal to support Keith in the highest degree. On the daily, he and his family swapped funny stories, gave positive affirmations, and loved each other unconditionally. The family worked together to take him on daily rides to the country and to town, and he also went on many trips shopping. He spent Saturdays with his sister’s family getting to know his great nieces and nephews and boy how Keith would light up when they would talk with and play with him. In Keith’s last days, family surrounded him with love and stories, and passed away peacefully with his sister’s last words, “Keith, God has prepared a place for you. It is perfect for you. It has everything you need. If you’re ready, go to Him.” And he did.

Keith is survived by his parents, Roy Donald Glass and Robbie Lou Glass. his children, Kameron Glass (Kalli) and Taylor Glass, grandchild, Kace Glass, brother Darren Glass (Janice), sister Kathy Glass Lamprecht (John), nieces and nephews, Dustin Lester (Mikey), Kody Lester (Kathryn), Jenna Lester Mills (Morgan), Dillard Glass (Callie), Will Lamprecht (Tiffany), Jesslyn Lamprecht Horton (Baylen), and Paige Glass Hurt (Ethan), and great nieces and nephews, Madelyn Mills, Krista Lester, Isabella Mills, James Lester, Konnor Lester, Adaline Lamprecht, Dawson Glass, Hannah Horton, Jackson Lamprecht, Savannah Glass, Weston Lamprecht, Ella Hurt and Haley Horton. Keith is proceeded in death by his paternal grandparents, Bryan Steen Glass and Merle Hart Glass and maternal grandparents, Milton Frank Hinton and Sally Jay Edwards Hinton.

Visitation will be held for Keith Glass at Seydler – Hill Funeral Home on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Funeral services will take place at the First Baptist Church on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 10:00am. Interment will take place at the Gonzales Masonic Cemetery. Pallbearers include Dustin Lester, Kody Lester, Will Lamprecht, Dillard Glass, John O’Higgins, Darryl Keifer, Ryan Towns, and Kyle Towns. Honorary Pallbearers include Baylen Horton, Morgan Mills, Mitchell Hardcastle.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made out to the First Baptist Church of Gonzales. Friends and family may leave their condolences by visiting

All services are under the care and direction of Seydler- Hill Funeral Home.